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Thanks to a consolidated experience in the field of Robotics and Industrial Automation, MgM proposes

the "MgM Tool Change System".

MGM Tool Change System - Sistema di Cambio Utensile

MGM Tool Change System - Sistema di Cambio Utensile

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The proposed solution makes it possible to interlock the tools for any CNC machining center and to follow the "tool needs" of the machine, in its various processes, realizing the components in complete autonomy from a few dozen tools to hundreds.

The ‘’ MgM Tool Change System ’’ system allows to clean and replace the tools in masked time, keeping the life of the tool in memory with a view to preventive maintenance.

To ensure maximum cleanliness of the system, the Robot and Tools area is separated from the work center by automatic doors.

The robotized island is certified in compliance with EC regulations, guaranteeing man and machine safety.

The experience of our team allows us to offer 100% customizable solutions, according to the space available and the needs

of each customer.

The proposed solution includes the following services:

- Hardware, Software, Electrical and Pneumatic Design

- 3D Design, Simulation and Render Graphics

- Implementation, Assembly and Testing at MgM

- Transport INCOTERM DAP

- Installation and commissioning

- Training on Implant and Software Suite

- Certification, Manuals

- Preventive Maintenance Program

- Technical assistance worldwide for short and long periods of time

- Teleassistance in Italian, English and Spanish

- Software for Industry 4.0

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