On 4 September, the staff of the MgM SudAmerica delivered the School Robotized Cells with Anthropomorphic Robot at the IPET 48 facility in the city of Cordoba, Argentina.

Le 5 Celle Scolastiche donate alle scuole:

- IPET N ° 51 of Marcos Juárez

- IPET n. 263 of Las Varillas

- IPET N ° 57 of Córdoba Capital

- IPET N ° 259 of Río Cuarto

- IPET n. 266 of Río Tercero

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For a period of one year, they will offer teachers, other schools, their students and businesses in the area the possibility of developing automated solutions.

This experience will teach the use of new technologies taking into account the requirements and needs of the new world of work.

Special thanks for the collaboration:

MgM Robotics s.r.l.

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